Recruiting Yard Signs

The Calcasieu Area Council is offering recruiting yard signs as part of our Fall 2024 recruiting campaign.  The Council will be using these signs at our sign up nights, but we see the value in having them close to your meeting place, in your yard, the local park, etc.  The more times our potential Scout families see these signs, the better chance we will have at recruiting.

Bigger units is a shared goal of everyone in the Council, so this is your opportunity to help.

Signs are polybags and can be written on with markers.  They will come with a frame as a one stop opportunity.  Please make sure your BeAScout pin is up to date so that you can be found by parents searching for units.

You can order Cub Scout, Scouts BSA or both yard signs for only $5 each.  We also have a special for 5 for $20.

Let us know by June 15th what signs we can order for your Unit.  You will be notified when the signs are available for pick up at the Council office.