Webelos & AOL Summer Resident Camp

It is our 70th Anniversary at Camp Edgewood and we would like you to come celebrate with us!

New program features for the June 1, 2024 program roll out!  All new activities and adventures added to our exisiting stellar schedule!  

See below to download the leader/parent guide and to register!


Updates made Summer 2023 that remain in place!

1st - The participants will spend the first two mornings at camp with our Gator Growler program (first year Scouts BSA program) where they will learn all about how a great scouting unit runs and learn all they can about Scouting to help encourage the Webelos to Scout transition.

2nd - The program will begin on Sunday with the regular Scouts, BSA camp.  Participants are welcome to leave Wednesday evening after a special social event for the Webelos and AOL participants.  We hope this shift will allow for better serving the needs of our Scouts (experiencing the regular check in, swim check, dining hall orientation, etc) as well as our parents having to only take 3 week days off instead of 4.

3rd - We have created a stand alone parent guide to help facilitate a clear understanding of the Webelos/AOL program.  

4th - All the program plans have been made and the schedule is in place in the back of the parent guide!  We hope you will see what an amazing program we have set for our Webelos/AOLS and will register today!  Covering a mixture of fun camp advancements along with great outdoor experiences, your Webelos/AOL will go home full of stories to tell of great adventures and excitement.

For more information or to register, please click on the appropriate link below or contact Laura.Lovell@Scouting.org  530-770-1152

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Download the Webelos/AOL Parent Guide

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If you are looking to serve on our amazing Staff for summer 2023, please click here to fill out a contact form.



  • Webelos and AOL Resident Camp
    June 09, 2024 to June 12

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