International Spirit Award Jamboree

Bonjour! Join Scouts from all around the Calcasieu Area Council in learning about Scouting from all around the World!
This is open to all Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, and Scout leaders! At this event, Scouts will be doing working on requirements toward earning the International Spirit Award Patch!

-Play international games!
-Learn about Scouting Traditions from around the globe!
-Hands on cooking demonstrations of exotic delicacies!

** - **

-SPECIAL World Scout Crest Iron Branding!

-Learning about Vietnamese Lunar New Year Traditions!

-Taking part in a Japanese Tea Ceremony!

-Learning about Scout Uniforms from around the Globe!

-Playing, Learning History & Rules of the game of Croquet!

-Irish Shepherds Pie for Lunch!

-Making Dango Japanese Rice Balls and later roasting them over campfire!

-Learning about the Scout World Friendship Fund!

-Historical Origins and Making of Hummus!



  • Cub Scout Level 2 Shooting Day - April 28th
    April 28, 2024