Popcorn Sale 2024

Welcome to Popcorn 2024!  This is your one stop page for all things Popcorn related!


August 24, 2024 (Saturday):  Council Popcorn Training with CAMP MASTERS & Kickoff (9AM)

August 31, 2024 (Saturday): Unit Show and Sell Orders Due (aka Wagon Sale Orders)

September 19, 2024 (Thursday): Show and Sell Sorting for Units (Based on Scheduled Arrival on Wednesday)

September 20, 2024 (Friday):  Show and Sell Distribution for Units**

September 21, 2024 (Saturday): Show and Sell/Wagon Sale Starts

October 20, 2024 (Sunday):  Unit Take Order Deadline, Final Paperwork Due (including prize order forms) and FULL PAYMENT

November 7, 2024 (Thursday): Take Order Sorting for Units (Based on Scheduled Arrival on Wednesday)

November 8, 2024 (Friday):   Take Order Distribution for Units**

November 15, 2024 (Friday): Last Day for Units to Enter Scout Choices for Council Prizes

December 1, 2024 (Sunday):  Units to Submit CAMP MASTER High Achiever Prize Forms

TBD: Popcorn High Sellers Event

** Based on delivery truck arrival and sorting opportunities.  Might be sooner and we will keep everyone updated.

Some materials from CAMP MASTERS have been provided below.  There is additional information available for everyone which includes benefit statements and can be found under attachments such as Social Media Posts for Scouts & Parents and the Scouts-Only Marketing Guide at campmasters.org/materials.

We will link the 2024 guide once it is available - but this page is still a great place for your popcorn Kernel to start.  Click on the different boxes below for forms and helpful items for the 2024 Popcorn Sale!

2024 High Achiever Form Scouts Register with CAMP MASTERS Instructions Creating a Great Scout Bio
Popcorn Bingo Scout Import Excel Example Scout Email to Friends
2024 CAMP MASTERS Kernel Guide Upload Templates Scout Business Card Print at Home Template
2024 Email Communications How to Enter Unit Take Order Scout business Card VistaPrint Template
2024 CAMP MASTERS Marketing Guide How to Place Unit Show & Sell Order Window Cling
Popcorn Sale Letter Template How to Import Your Scout Roster Car Magnet
Social Media Posts for Scouts and Parents How to Enter Scout Take Orders CM Door Hanger


We know - that sounds not very supportive, doesn't it?  But the truth is that it really is simply to transfer popcorn to other units, pick more slots for sales, have a blitz day with your families, etc.  Just please keep us informed so we can help you coordinate!  We would prefer knowing upfront so we have multiple options to help each unit.  

We have the ability to fill "take orders" from your pocorn and will do so as much as possible to also help your units with any left over show and sell. 

Credit Card

Credit Card are a great way to increase your sales. Storefront sales are where these are typically the most handy when customers may not have cash.  Let us know if you need help setting up this opportunity for your Unit,  It is also great to have a sign on the table that says "Credit Cards Accepted Here".

Did you know?… 
The average popcorn sale increases by over 10% when you accept credit cards.

  • CAMP MASTERS integrated system will allow you to accept credit cards
  • Use multiple QR codes at different locations if you like.
  • App sales with a credit card are maintained by CAMP MASTERS in a separate fiduciary account until the end of the sale.
  • Typically, the Credit Convenience Fee is 2.95% of the sale plus $0.30.

Inventory Control Help

Develop a plan to track the inventory your unit has in stock. Keep product in the hands of your Scouts to keep them selling throughout the sale. The goal is not running out of product yet not having product left over to return at the end.

Here are some helpful tips:

  • Use the App to track everything.
  • Share your information with others in your district at the popcorn rally. Share contact information so that you can trade product later in the sale.  Remember that your District Popcorn Kernel or District Executive can help!
  • Use the Calcasieu Area Council Popcorn Facebook page to chat with other Kernels and trade product.
  • Communicate with your Scouts regularly. Ask them report back if they have unsold product early so that you can transfer it to Scouts who have waiting customers.

Popcorn Commission (Unit Level)

This year, we have a multi-tiered commission structure.  New this year is a Council level prize program, through Keller Prize Program.  

Participation (Kick Off Attendance)

  • Each unit selling popcorn is eligible for a commission bonus by have two (2) individuals for each unit attending the Kick Off.  These two (2) individuals cannot be for any other unit.  2% bonus for the 1st attendee; another 2% for the 2nd attendee. 
  • Bonus commission for each unit is capped at 4% for attendance at the Kick Off.

Base Commission

  • 25% (remains the same as in past years)

On Time Payment

  • If payment is made at the time order is placed, 3% commission is provided.

Prize Program

  • If using the Prize Program, unit kernels will place orders with Keller Prize Program directly. 
  • If a unit chooses to NOT participate in the Prize Program, a 3% commission is provided.
Since there are different choices for prizes, see the follow explanation for prizes overall to get the maximum value for your scouts.
Prizes for Everyone - Keller
  • Popcorn Sale Patch (Sell Any Item)
  • Online Sale Pint (Sell One Online Order)
  • Military Sales Pin (Collect One Military Donation)
  • Top Seller Pin (Sell Over $1,000)
Top Sellers - Council
  • An exclusive event in December 2024.
    • Scouts selling $600 in popcorn or higher.
Sell Over $400 Online - CAMP MASTERS
  • Earn $10 Gift Card from Amazon
Council Prize Package - Keller  (Due NLT November 15, 2024)
  • 14 levels with 50 different prizes to select
    • Sell $90 & select your choice of prize at the $90 level
    • Sell $190 or more and
      • Select a prize from the level you achieve, or
      • Select prize(s) from the lower levels as long as the total of the prize levels does not exceed the prize level achieved
    • Parent's permission required for a Whittling Chip or Totin' Chip to order a knife
  • All prizes will ship to the Unit Kernel.
  • If a prize is no longer available a substitute of equal of greater value will be shipped.
  • Units should REMEMBER to turn in (enter) your prize order at the same time as the popcorn order.  The sooner prizes ordered, the sooner they are delivered.  Timely prizes are always a hit with scouts.

High Achiever Prize - CAMP MASTERS (Due NLT December 1, 2024)

  • Sell Over $3,000 & Up Club (Pick One)
    • Camping Package!
      • 2-Person Waterproof Tent
      • 2L Hydration Pack
      • 6-in-1 Camping Tool (including Meat Fork, Spatula, Basting Brush, Knife, Bottle Opener, Corkscrew and Case)
      • 5-Piece Stainless Steel Mess Kit with Bag
      • Aluminum Safety Flashlight
    • Visa Debit Cards for 4% of total sales (rounded to the nearest $10)

File Name Description
2024 CAC Take Order and Prize Form Download