Merit Badge Saturday

Join us for Saturday, October 7th at St. Luke Simpson in Lake Charles!   Registration beings at 8 a.m.  Opening Flags at 8:50.  First session 9:00 - 12:00  Second Session 1:00 - 4:00.  All day classes are 9-4 with a 1 hour lunch break.

Please scroll down for the merit badge selection for October 7th.

Get Ready for "Merit Badge-A-Palooza Episode IV: A Hope to Earn New Merit Badges!"  

Only $20 for the day includes up to two classes!  The fee is the same if you choose to only do one half day class as if participate in two half day classes.  Lunch is included in this event and all participants will receive a physical blue card.

Remember that anything worth doing is worth doing well, so please "do your best" work for these classes or you will be asked to try again.  All Scouts on the call must participate in order to get credit for the work.

Not all Merit Badges will be completed and partials will be awarded.  Continual work is encouraged if you are unable to complete the work during the class time.  Pre-work of good quality that meets the requirements of the Merit Badge will be accepted.  

Below are the classes being offered on October 7th and the anticipated completion information.  A few of the classes have work that will need to be completed before the class begins, so please check carefully.  (please scroll down to see classes being offered October 7th)  

For questions or concerns, please contact Laura Lovell at or call/text 530-770-1152.


Classes being offered October 7th.

Merit Badge-a-Palooza Saturday, October 7th
Full Day Classes Work not able to be completed:
Architecture Pre-req #1a
Automotive Maintenance Will complete
American Labor will complete - bring smart phone or computer
Composit Materials will complete
Citizenship in the Nation Pre. Req - 2, 3
Energy Pre-req. #4
Environmental Science Will complete all except observations
First Aid Will complete - bring personal first aid kit
Electricity Pre req #2 & #8
Game Design Will complete
Indian Lore ($15 additional fee) Will complete
Graphic Arts Will complete
Sports/Athletics Must show improvement in physical activities and play an acceptable sport.
Truck Transportation Pre-req. #4
Wood Carving $10 fee for supplies in addition to class fee
Half Day Classes - a.m. Work not able to be completed:
Citizenship in Society (limited to 8) Pre req - #8 - must participate in conversation for credit
Family Life Pre Rec: #2 Will not complete 3, 4, 5, 6b
Geology Will complete
Safety Pre req - #2 & 4
Half Day Classes - p.m. Work not able to be completed:
Oceanography Will Complete
Citizenship in Society (limited to 8) Pre req - #8 - must participate in conversation for credit
Citizenship in the World Will complete
Backpacking/Hiking Must complete hikes to complete