Internet Recharter

We strongly recommend you take the tutorial, especially if it is your first time. Get your unit Access Code from your Recharter Packet or the Council Scout Office to access Internet Rechartering. (Note: The Internet recharter code is different from the internet advancement code)  Each year the unit is issued a NEW recharter code.  

Use the link below to start your Internet Re-Charter process. The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) requires each Scouting unit – whether Pack, Troop, Team, Crew, Ship, or Post – to renew its Charter annually. This assures that the Chartered Organization is using Scouting’s programs and assures that the unit roster is up to date at least once a year. We refer to this annual renewal as “RE-CHARTERING”.



Internet Re-charters–

1. Add people not returning to the Dropped List.

2. Add New adults and youth to list (Be sure to include all new youth that joined at school night)

3. Applications for all new members must be properly signed & attached (see needed signatures below)

  • Youth applications must be signed by Parent and Unit Leader.
  • Adult applications must be signed by Applicant and Charter Organization Rep. Adult position changes or multiples must turn in a new application, with all appropriate signatures.

4. Remember to specify who will receive the Boys Life magazine.

5. All adults must have the most current Youth Protection Training.


1) A printed copy of your units Internet Re-charter needs to be turned into the council. The copy you print out is required to have three signatures on the recharter printout:

  • Executive officer (Institutional Head)
  • Unit leader (Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Varsity coach, Venturing advisor, Skipper, Explorer advisor)
  • Council representative (commissioner or district executive) – can be obtained at turn-in.

2) A Council staff member will help you calculate fees for Registration & Boys Life Fees, Charter Fee and for accident Insurance for each youth and adult (as of yet this line is not added to the Internet Recharter). Do not make a check out for the amount shown in the internet process – we must deduct all new youth that joined in the school night round-up. We will help you.

3) The Annual Charter Agreement, Signed by Chartered Org. Rep.

4) Make Checks Payable to: BSA.

Still need help? Either call your DE or give us a call.

Shawn Chamblee

Access Code

The access code changes every year – do not use last year’s code because it will attempt (and fail) to access last year’s information.   If you need your unit's access code please contact Shawn Chamblee or your district executive. YOU ARE A “FIRST TIME USER” WHEN YOU BEGIN YOUR FIRST SESSION EVERY YEAR FOR EACH UNIT THAT YOU WORK ON! If you attempt to use last year’s access code and its password, you will receive an error message telling you that the data is no longer available.

(Note: the Internet recharter code is different from the advancement code)