Eagle Week - July 19-23

It is almost Eagle Week here at the Calcasieu Area Council!  We have a week full of in person merit badge opportunities for those working towards Eagle.

Eagle Merit Badges are more challenging and often require more work than a non-Eagle required Merit Badge.  Most of these badges cannot be completed in a day unless you Scout has had the opportunity to do the pre-work or post-work required.  Many require tracking, doing projects in the home or community, attending public meetings, etc.  You are free to do them all in advance as noted below EXCEPT the Citizenship in the Community service hours required for 7c.  It says in the merit badge requirement that those MUST be done after beginning the merit badge.

Please note any pre-work or post-work and sign up as best meets the needs of your Scout.  All classes will be held at the Council Service Center at the time noted.  1/2 day classes are $10 each and full day classes are $20.  Blue cards will be provided if not brought with the Scout, but it is advised that the Scout make sure to discuss with their ScoutMaster first and get their signature on the blue card to bring with them.  

All classes will be taught my registered merit badge counselor, Laura Lovell.

Follow up will be done for all merit badges so the Scouts will have the opportunity to continue their work once the instructional day is done.  Please bring a workbook, pen/pencil, paper, lunch (if all day class), Class A and a good attitude!  Participation is a must for full credit of the work completed so be ready to contribute to the conversation.

Click below on the Name/time of the class to register.


Monday, July 19th

9:00 - 12:00 - Personal Management - $10

To be completed before class 1a and 1b

To be completed after class - 2c, 2d, 8c, 8d

1:00 - 4:00  - Citizenship in the Nation - $10

To be completed before class:  (2a, 2b OR 2c), 3

All other work completed in class.


Tuesday, July 20th 

9:00 - 12:00 - Family Life - $10

To be completed before class:  2

To be completed after class:  6

Scout's choice:  3, 4, 5


1:00 - 4:00 pm - Communication Merit Badge - $10

To be completed before class:  4

To be completed after class:  5, 8


Wednesday, July 21

9:00 - 12:00 - Citizenship in the World - $10

All activities completed in class.  Please bring a phone or laptop with wifi capabilities if possible.

1:00 - 4:00 - Citizenship in the Community - $10

To be completed before class:  3

To be completed after class:  7 (MUST BE AFTER CLASS), 

We will be watching the movie Cars for this merit badge

Please bring a laptop or phone with wifi capabilitiesto work on this merit badge.


Thursday, July 22nd

All Day - Environmental Science - $20 (includes multiple experiment packs)

All work will be completed in class except for number 4.  Can be done as pre or post work.

If completing 4a - please make sure report meets requirement (substansive)

If completing 4b, make sure all visits are documented.


Friday, July 23rd 

All Day - Emergency Preparedness - $20 (includes small emergency kits/service project materials)

First Aid Merit Badge must be completed to complete this badge.  It can be issued as a partial without this badge.

Bring supplies for your family emergency kit - plastic tote with supplies