Boy Scout events

Personal Management Merit Badge Day:

A scout is Thrifty. Come learn about how to manage your time and money in a fun, interactive, and virtual way. Bring a laptop! The instructors will cover everything except the requirements that you must complete at home. It's never too early to start mapping a plan for your life that will involve setting short-range goals and investigating the different ways to reach those goals. Education, training, and experience all help make your goals become a reality. to achieve your goals, you will choose the best path and make a commitment to it, while remaining flexible enough to deal with changes and new opportunities. The event will be held at the Council Service center on Saturday, September 8th, from 10:00 AM- 3:00 PM. The cost for each participating scout will be $20.00, scouts will be expected to bring their own lunch.


If you or your scout would like to participate in this excellent opportunity please click here.

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