Camp Cards

The Camp Card initiative is designed to help Scouts earn their way to summer resident camp, high adventure or day camp. Units participating in this program will earn 50% commission ($2.50) for each $5 Camp Card they sell. The sale will begin in January 18th and ends April 27th. This timeline gives units 3 months to sell and close out their accounts.
This program is RISK FREE, simply return any unsold cards at settlement on or before May 11th.

Has your Scout sold 25 Camp Cards? 

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Camp Card Key Dates

February 15 Card Re-Distribution at Round Table
February 22 Camp Scholarship Drawing -1
March 15 Camp Scholarship Drawing  - 2
March 15 Card Re-Distribution at Round Table
March 29 Camp Scholarship Drawing -3
April 12 Camp Scholarship Drawing -4
April 19 Card Settlement at Round Table or after April 19 by Appointment
May 11 Deadline for Card Returns and all prize form

Sales Techniques for Scouts

Don’t miss the opportunity to use the Camp Card sale to train your Scouts in public speaking, sales and service. Your Scouts and parents will appreciate the effort and your sales will improve.
Have Scouts role play and practice during your Kick-Off. Find a way to make training fun and rewardScouts who do a good job. Have your Scouts practice these simple steps:
•Wear your uniform.
•Smile and tell them who you are -mfirst name only!
•Tell them where you are from (unit within Scouting).
•Tell them what you are doing (earning money toward Scout Camp, high adventure trip, etc.).
•Tell them what they can do to help (save money with the Camp Card).
•Close the sale, and thank them.

File Name Description
Leader's Resource Guide Leader's Resource Guide for the 2018 Camp Card Program. Download
Show and Sale Letter Download