Camp Cards

The Camp Card initiative is designed to help Scouts earn their way to summer resident camp, high adventure or day camp. Units participating in this program will earn 50% commission ($5.00) for each $10 Camp Card they sell. The sale will begin in mid January and ends April 29th. This timeline gives units 3 months to sell and close out their accounts.
This program is RISK FREE, simply return any unsold cards at settlement.   Simply make sure you meet the deadlines for settlement for your full credit on unsold cards.

Camp Card Key Dates

January 20th - Camp Card Distribution Date (dependent on production timelines but looks promising!)

February/March Roundtables - please bring in cards if you feel that you unit will not sell them.  We would like to redistribute to high selling units.

April 29th - Card sale ends - please return all cards and funds to the office for full 50% commission.


For questions, please email  Happy selling!


File Name Description
Leader's Resource Guide Leader's Resource Guide for the 2021 Camp Card Program. Download