Camp Cards

The Camp Card initiative is designed to help Scouts earn their way to summer resident camp, high adventure or day camp. Units participating in this program will earn 50% commission ($5.00) for each $10 Camp Card they sell. The sale will begin December 1st and ends April 28th. This timeline gives units 5 months to sell and close out their accounts.
This program is RISK FREE, simply return any unsold cards at settlement.   Simply make sure you meet the deadlines for settlement for your full credit on unsold cards.
Have you sold 20 Camp Cards?  Click here to order your "I sold 20 camp cards" reward t-shirt!    We are excited to announce that every Scout is eligible to earn a new Camp Edgewood T-shirt for selling a minimum of 20 Camp Cards.  T-shirts will be ordered in blocks of 50 with a final order at the end of the sale in late April.  Please make sure to fill out this form once your scout has sold their first 20 cards!  Cards will be delivered to your unit or can be picked up at the Council office once they arrive.  

We are very excited to announce our ?? : ! ??

So now, not does your Scout still earn Money in their Scout Accounts to go on adventures, BUT with the ?? : ?? , high-sellers each week in Camp Cards across the council earn EXTRA PRIZES!

To qualify for the ?? : ??, you need to:

1. Record the amount of Camp Cards sold for that one week period.

2. Prize Periods Dates include:

February 26th-March 6th

March 7th-13th

March 14th-20th

March 21st-27th

March 27th-April 3rd

April 4th-10th

April 11th-17th

April 18th-28th

3. You must email Shawn Chamblee at by 5:00 PM Central Time of the LAST DAY of that Sales Period.

(Example: If I sale from Sales Period of February 26th-March 5th, we need to receive an email on MONDAY, MARCH 5th by 5:00 PM. Any emails received later than 5:00 PM will not be considered entered into competition for that past week.)

4. To be included in that week’s competition, the email MUST include the following:

-Name of Scout

-Pack or Troop of the Scout

-Picture of the Scout looking excited selling Camp Cards.

-Positive quote from Scout on their Sales Technique in selling cards.

5. The winner will be chosen each week based on the Scout that sells the most camp cards that week.

6. Winners will be announced via Facebook by 1pm on Tuesday following the sales period for that previous week.

7. Scouts may enter each week to win, but they must submit new email from the sales of that specific period each week by 5:00 PM Central Time of the LAST DAY of that Sales Period.

8. REMEMBER: Once a Scout Sells 20 Camp Cards, they are ALSO able to collect a FREE Camp Edgewood T-shirt! All they need to do is fill out the Link HERE:


Camp Card Key Dates

December 1st - Camp Card Distribution Date 

February/March Roundtables - please bring in cards if you feel that you unit will not sell them.  We would like to redistribute to high selling units.

April 28th - Card sale ends - please return all cards and funds to the office for full 50% commission.


For questions, please email  Happy selling!


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