Virtual Merit Badge Cache

Pioneers, explorers, and Native Americans across this great nation have used caches for hundreds of years.  These were usually wooden built or underground structures that were secure places of storage for preserving provisions, implements, or essential survival gear.  In the 20th century in the age of super computers, the term cache also came to define extremely fast memory type that holds frequently requested data and instructions so that they are immediately available when needed.   

These two definitions of “cache” really sum up what our Council wants to provide with our Virtual Merit Badge Cache! We wanted to create a spot where Scouts can easily and quickly access super essential information on earning Merit Badges within the comfort of their own home! In the next couple months, Merit Badges will be offered on a regular basis!

Cost of the Merit Badges will be:
$10 for each Scout. 

Be sure to stay tuned here for the latest updates on upcoming Merit Badges being offered!

All merit badges are held via zoom at 6 pm Central Time.

Nature Merit Badge - 03/01/21

Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge - 03/03/21

Oceanography Merit Badge - 03/08/21

Personal Management Merit Badge - 03/10/21 & 03/17/21 (must attend both sessions) - FULL!

American Heritage Merit Badge - 03/14/21

Camping Merit Badge - 03/15/21

Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge - 03/21/21

Citizenship in the Nation Merit Badge - 03/22/21

Citizenship in the World - 03/24/2021

Communication Merit Badge - 04/05/21

Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge - 04/07/21 & 04/14/21 (must attend both sessions)

Nature Merit Badge - 04/11/21

Family Life Merit Badge - 04/12/21

Environmental Science Merit Badge - 04/18/21 & 04/25/21 (must attend both sessions)

Chess Merit Badge - 04/19/21 & 04/26/21 (must attend both sessions)

Oceanography Merit Badge - 04/21/21

Family Life Merit Badge - 04/28/21



Environmental Science Merit Badge - 02/28/21 & 03/07/21 (must attend both sessions) - FULL!

Family Life Merit Badge 01/24/21

Personal Management Merit Badge 01/25 & 02/01 (must attend both sessions)

American Business 01/27/21

Chess Merit Badge 01/31 & 02/07 (must attend both sessions)

Camping Merit Badge 02/03/2021

Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge - 02/08/21

Communication Merit Badge - 02/10/21

Citizenship in the Nation - 02/14/21

Traffic Safety Merit Badge - 02/15/21

Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge - 02/17/21 & 02/24/21 (must attend both sessions) - FULL!

Citizenship in the World Merit Badge - 02/21/21 - FULL!  

Family Life Merit Badge - 02/22/21