2021 Cub Knights of Edgewood


Mar 19, 2021 5:00 pm to Mar 21, 2021 11:00 am



Camp Edgewood
3419 Camp Edgewood Road DeQuincy, LA 70633
DeQuincy, LA 70633
Location Phone: 8314569


"Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Hear Ye!" 

Gather around all Cub Scout Families, Lords and Ladies for this legendary tale! The trumpet call goes out to gather for an epic quest of Medieval preportions on March 19-21, in the 3rd month of the year two-thousand and tweenty-one! 

Join us for a fantastic weekend of quality family time!  Adventure awaits for all to enjoy!

-???Archery (and BB's and Wristrrockets) with the Merry Men and Woment of Nottingham Forrest! 
-Authentic Medieval Games,Competions, and Crafts! 

-Turnoi Lance Training: The Sport of Knights! 
-NOVA/STEM Learn how the Vikings used the "Mythical Sunstone" in being expert nautical navigators! 

-NOVA/STEM Create your own mini-catapult! 

-Create your own pet firebreathing Dragon! 

-Knight Opstical Course

-Create your own Coat of Arms and Knights Shield! 

-See live demonstrations of Blacksmithing!  

-Along with Canoeing, Fishing, and so much more! 


Check-in time Friday night is 6:00 p.m. in the dining hall.  Check-in time Saturday morning begins at 7:00 a.m. in the Dining Hall.  We can not wait to see our Scout Families at Camp Edgewood!  


Position Name Telephone
District Director/Camp Director Laura Lovell (337) 436-3376 Email