2020 Cub Family: The Return of Scouting


Dec 4, 2020 to Dec 5, 2020



Camp Edgewood
3419 Camp Edgewood Road DeQuincy, LA 70633
DeQuincy, LA 70633
Location Phone: 8314569


Episode Centennial: The Return of Scouting 

Scout Me In! A mysterious broadcast, has been sent out across the Calcasieu Area Council and surrounding regions, a call to action for a new generation of Jedi Leaders of tomorrow! The alliance is calling for all available Cub Scouts to rendezvous at Camp Edgewood, in the Dequency System. In anticipation of the Council's 100th Anniversary, Admiral Ackbar has dispatched forces to engage the Empire's new elite squad of Swamp-Troopers throughout the camp.

With brand new guidance under General Grimes, the Cub Scouts Missions will be:
-Assembling their own personal Lightsaber!
-Train with the Ewoks in Sling Shots to take down AT-AT's!
-Fire BB Guns with the Rebel Alliance's best Sharpshooters!
-Lightsaber Training and Tactics!
-Droid Programing and Assembly!
-Jedi Academy Obstacle Course!
-Canoe with Dagobah's Best Canoe Guides!
-Archery with Wookies!
-Help Rebel Code Breakers take down the Empire's Secret Messages!
-Star Wars Origami!
-And so, so much more!
The Rebel Alliance needs YOU Scout! Sign up TODAY at www.calcasieubsa.org/Dec2020 !

May the Fun be with you....Always.


Looking for more Cub Scout fun? Join us for our Reindeer Games on Sunday, Dec 20, 2020!

Position Name Telephone
District Executive/Camp Director James Grimes (281) 761-3462 Email